Charleston Craftsman determined to share his passion (A Self-fulfilling Prophecy)

October 20, 2014

Local Charlestonian Jordy Snyder has infused an old-school business with new-school business strategy.   The Pauline, SC native founded ash&oop, a Charleston-based furniture manufacturer that combines woodworking techniques passed down through generations with modern branding, social media strategies and an ecommerce store.   Snyder, an Elon University graduate with a background in sports and marketing has given in to his overwhelming passion to create.  ash&coop, short for the Ashley and Cooper rivers, uses locally sourced reclaimed woods and raw materials to create timeless, durable furniture and accessories.  Each piece is handmade with simplicity in mind and can lend its character to any interior or exterior space. 

I wrote the excerpt above the day I decided to pursue my passion of creating.  It represents my vision of ash&coop.  A self-fulfilling prophecy.  I wanted to make my vision clear and precise.  For most people, the word "vision" has little to no relevance in there daily life.  For me, it is my map to success.  It is the atlas that will provide a perfectly clear picture of my ultimate destination.


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