Black Water Collection

The Black Water Collection was inspired to mimic the cypress 'blackwater' swamps of the lowcountry.  Each table is handcrafted with certified authentic "Old Growth" cypress recovered from the rivers and swamps of South Carolina.  The logs were originally harvested in 1890 from Virgin Forests and lost to the river bottoms while being floated to sites downriver for processing.  The logs lay lost underwater until recovered by Alec Black of Virgin Heart Sinker Cypress in 2011.  

The lumber used in this particular project was harvested in the Little Pee Dee Swamp, dragged by oxen to the Little Pee Dee River, rafted down to the Great Pee Dee River and to Eddy Lake Cypress Company Sawmill on Big Bull Creek.  The logs were pulled from Eddy Lake where they lie beneath the swamp and mud for more than a century.

These tables will be sold as a collection only and will be accompanied with a Certificate of Authenticity that acknowledges each piece to be a certified artifact by the state of South Carolina.