About Us

ash&coop was founded on the idea of merging art with function.

Just like the convergence of two rivers, ash&coop merges character with function. Our goal is to create timeless pieces for your home and be part of your family's story.

A hint of Charleston...

Living in Charleston can spoil anyone. Lurking in the shadows of a Southern Oak or deep in a hidden alley, Charleston's charm is hard to miss. To reflect the beauty of Charleston, I work hard to make sure each piece contains a bit of the low country. Whether I am using reclaimed wood from a historic house or mixing pluff mud into the stains, I guarantee each piece will contain a "hint of Charleston".

About the name...

When I set out to follow an overwhelming passion to "create", I spent months racking my brain for a name that fit. I decided it would be best to start at the core - make unique pieces that look great and last a lifetime. Given the historic beauty of Charleston, it only made sense to pay homage to where the Ashley and Cooper Rivers unite.   

About the maker... 

Jordy Snyder

Founder & Maker

Growing up in the small country town of Pauline, SC gives a young boy no choice but to be creative. When your nearest neighbor is a car ride away, you are forced to entertain yourself.  The majority of my childhood was spent outdoors playing sports or trekking through the woods. Carving sticks and building tree houses were the common ways to pass the time while occasionally I would dig a hole deep enough to stand in just to fill it back up again. The way I see it, I had two choices...Be creative or be bored. Luckily, the creativity has remained after all these years.

This passion for creativity is why I love Charleston.  The rich history of artisans, craftsmen, and workmanship is inspirational.  When you are surrounded by so much character and charm, you feel a sense to contribute.  That's why every piece of furniture I make is a direct reflection of Charleston. Whether I am using locally sourced woods or pluff mud in my finishes, there will always be a piece of Charleston built in.

- Jordy