Marsh Stain


Hand rubbed Marsh Stain Charleston SC Custom FurnitureOur proprietary wood finish, conveniently named Marsh Stain, uses mud from the Charleston creeks to create our unique color and is sure to make your decor the topic of conversation.  Without giving away our secrets, we have a developed an extensive process to transform local marsh mud into a highly functional wood finish.  It is then hand rubbed into each piece to create an eye popping finish and beautiful character.  If you look closely you can see the mud as it has been worked into each and every little crevasse.   

Concerned about the smell? Don't be.  Our process cures the mud ridding it of any ill odor.  

Concerned about the texture? Don't be.  Only a small amount of mud is used to create the desired color and it is hand rubbed deep into the surface of the wood.  Once this is done, several additional coats of AP Certified varnish and wax are applied, leaving a smooth surface appropriate for serving food, drinks, or maybe some of that lowcountry boil. 

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